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FILM: MADALYN*; Pretty Things; Artemin Goldberg: Custom Maker
of Brassieres.
ONLINE: Parker and Steve; Sister Maggie, My Comedy Show Online.
TV: Onion News Network; Reading Rainbow.
THEATRE: That Woman’s Child (Network One Act Festival); Tea Time
Sacrifices (Hip Festival); Four Stars, Madalyn (NYU Goldberg Theatre);
Queens Scenes (Queens Theatre in the Park); Where Things Are, Still
the One (Manhattan Theatre Source).
TRAINING: MFA in Acting at Asolo Theatre (through FSU); Roger
Hendricks Simon, Jeffrey Zeiner; Tod Engle; Batt Johnson.



How To Make Your Own Film (Part III: The Script)

Okay, now you are inspired to make a film. It’s time to pick the script. And where will you find that script? Let’s talk about three prime sources: a script ready for production; adaptation; your own mind.


Finding a script that has already been written is a good way to start. If it’s a friend’s script, you automatically have a partner as committed as you to making the film. It’s important that you and this partner have a clear understanding about who is responsible for what, and put that understanding down on paper. It sounds uptight and business-like, and that’s a good thing. The last thing you want is
to make a film and then spend years squabbling over whom is due what.


There’s a reason so many films are adapted from another medium: the heavy lifting of creation has been done. Your job is to either adapt the material yourself, or find someone who can or wants to do the job. Film is a visual medium and so has different requirements than a book or play. Your job will be to isolate the story elements that create a compelling story on screen, and then write that screenplay. Of course this will take longer than starting with a finished screenplay. But you will also have the satisfaction of being more involved in the creative process.


Finally, you can write your own original script. This is the longest of the three choices, but also affords you complete control. So if you have a subject or idea you are passionate about, take the time and
truly make your own film. 

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  • Response
    madalynthemovie - Blog - How To Make Your Own Film (Part III: The Script)
  • Response
    madalynthemovie - Blog - How To Make Your Own Film (Part III: The Script)
  • Response
    madalynthemovie - Blog - How To Make Your Own Film (Part III: The Script)

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